Superintendent Debbie SiebertWelcome to Fresno Christian Schools, a place where Christ-centered education makes a difference. While the new demands of culture and social change continue to affect education, the purpose and direction of Fresno Christian Schools remains constant. The foundation after over 30 years is still faith, community and academic distinction.

The new demands of this generation are no longer just skills based. Students are required to assess "on the go" and Fresno Christian learners, practiced in problem solving from Kindergarten through high school, are creative and innovative. Kids today are expected to use evaluative strategies, ideas and abstractions to interpret knowledge rather than just house it. Fresno Christian equips students to be effective communicators who are and will become dynamic leaders in a rapidly changing world. 

The Fresno Christian community fosters critical thinking and students are taught to affect their world rather than be a product of it. Excellence is developed in the context or relationships and the whole person is transformed through relevant and rigorous programs.

Parental ethics are reinforced in a safe, peaceful campus environment. Teachers passionately serve and strive to create a family atmosphere where all feel they belong. The development of the whole person, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, is at the heart of our program. Young people understand and evaluate their world from the foundation of God's unchanging values. Role models, committed to Christ, create a climate of collaboration and reflection; they encourage students to develop and practice a sense of purpose.

You are invited to visit our campus and experience Fresno Christian for yourself. FCS is truly a school that will not compromise God's word or settle for anything else than the pursuit of excellence in the classroom.

For more information contact us at fcs@fresnochristian.com