The purpose of the scholarship fund is to raise money to allow students with out the necessary resources to attend Fresno Christian Schools. The need is great. Many students had to drop out this year because of financial need. Our goal is for each graduating class to raise enough money to fund at least one need-based scholarship from each graduating class.

A need-based scholarship is $4,200/or half the current tuition at FCS.
Class Sponsorship:
The first goal is to raise 25 need-based scholarships this year.
Alumni Commitment:
In order to meet this goal, we would only need $200 from each alumnus, payable through his/her class Scholarship Fund. That translates to $20 per month for 10 months or one $200 check made payable to the FCS Scholarship Fund. We need our alumni to help us to continue providing quality Christian education at Fresno Christian Schools.
Class Competition:
We want to see which class can raise the most scholarship money, keeping it friendly, of course!
Individual Scholarship:
If any alumnus wants to invest in an individual scholarship that is possible as well. The scholarship would be designated, for example; "The Smith Scholarship", "The Jones Scholarship," etc., with a donation of $4,200.

Please contact Gary Schultz for more information.