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Mrs. Witters January 30, 2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012


Dear Kindergarten Parents,                                                January 30, 2012


Last week we celebrated the 100th day…. our soup was delicious!


Plan to attend Superintendent Siebert’s annual State of the School Address TONIGHT at 7:00 p.m. in the Peoples Church Music Suite.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how the school is doing.

We learned some new concepts in reading.  Please keep reviewing letter sounds at home so that they are automatic.  Many children are sounding out words and are reading short sentences.  If your child isn’t to that point please don’t worry; every child is progressing at his or her own pace.  The important thing is to keep reading to your child and impart the love of books to him or her.  Please help your child with the work we send home and practice blending sounds together to make words.

We have been learning songs about love and Valentine’s Day.  Last week I sent a poem or quote home for your child to memorize for our Red, White and Blue Review program on February 14.  PLEASE practice this with your child.  THANK YOU!

This week our character trait is Honesty.  Our Bible verse is, “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” Exodus 20:5.


                    Red,White and Blue Feb.14 th

    I hope you all can come to our program (9:00 a.m.). It will be in the church across the street from our school. Please dress your child in patriotic colors if possible. Blue denim is fine!  This is a fun and educational way to celebrate our beloved U.S.A. After the show we will have recess and then continue the fun with our Valentine Party.  There is a sign-up sheet on our “K” door to help with the Valentine Party!  THANK YOU!!!!!


Please send the children’s valentine cards as soon as possible.  Remember to have your child sign his/her name on the back of the card, but please don’t put the names of the other children on the cards or envelopes.  It is so difficult to sort cards for so many children.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I really appreciate it.


We will be practicing for physical fitness testing.  Your children will be running, doing curl-ups, V-sit stretches, and pull-ups on the bars.  They will be eligible for an award at the end of the year if they are able to complete all activities successfully; however, this is very difficult for young children to do.  Little girls may want to wear shorts under their dresses.  Everyone should wear some sort of running shoes.


The annual FCS AUCTION is coming up on Saturday, March 17th. It’s a fun night with great food.  There is an extra attraction for the kindergarten parents and grandparents this year – we have a beautiful class quilt for sale!!!  Hope you’ll come!

With our love and prayers,

Mrs. Witters

and your Honest Kindergartner




February 13            Lincoln’s Birthday – NO School

February 14            Red, White and Blue Review and Valentine’s Party –

(Regular Schedule)

February 15            Come at 8:15- 11:50  Teacher In-service

February 20            President’s Day  – NO School

March 2                   Dad’s Day – All dads, grandpas, uncles or special friends are invited!  We have a fun-filled day planned!

March 17                  F.C.S. Auction – Lots of FUN!!!!!