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Mrs. Tally – February 27, 2012

Friday, February 24th, 2012



Dear Families,

Hallelujah for the five day week!!!!!!!  We are looking forward to a very busy week with lots to accomplish, especially getting ready for our Physical Fitness Testing in March!!!  Second Graders are also finishing up the rough draft of their young author’s stories.

LANGUAGE ARTS – First Graders, continue working on vocabulary that comes home. Their words have become much more challenging, however, they are doing a fabulous job. We are still concentrating on vowel teams.  As you read with your child, continue to ask them what is happening at the beginning, middle and the end of the story, as well as the characters, setting, problem and solution in their stories. Book bags are due every Friday. Second Graders continue with the Literature Study on ” Andi’s Pony Trouble.”  In our writing, First Graders are working on  Personal Narrative. Second Graders are working on writing a Fictional Narrative. These will be the benchmarks for our next assessment in mid-March.

MATH – First Graders are beginning a unit on Addition and Subtraction to 20. Although we have completed our unit on money, we are still working for mastery. Please continue having your child practice counting money, using quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. This is a developmental skill and takes time and lots of practice to master. It will also be revisited in our future contracts. Second Graders have begun a unit on Numbers and Patterns to 1000.We will continue to revisit multiplication and division as not everyone has mastered this.  Division is still challenging for some.  Any support you give at home would be greatly appreciated.

FIVE – A DAY -  Third time’s a charm!!!!!. Five -A-Day was not started as we had so many kids absent all week. So……  finally this week we will begin. There are five problems in both Math and Language for each day of the week.  These are done independently.  The children will circle in red the ones they miss. We discuss these together and make our corrections in class. Please note the kinds of mistakes your child is making as this will be beneficial to you as you work with them.  You can now expect the first one in the March 5th envelope. Both grades will be doing this activity.

SOCIAL SCIENCE - First Graders continue on Chapter 2, “Where People Live”, as well as our unit on Mapping.  We are also be learning what country we live in, the state, and the city, as well as the seven continents. Both grades will do a project this week to reinforce where we live from planet, down to their neighborhood.  Second Graders are on ,”People Make a Difference”. We have had interesting discussions about what kind of person is a hero and what the Bible says about this concept. We will continue on these units through  the month of March.

BIBLE - We will continue with the study of Daniel and his great faith!!

PHYSICAL FITNESS TRAINING - We are preparing in earnest for our Physical Fitness Testing which will take place the week of March 12-16. Please practice sit-ups at home as well as running and wear tennis shoes during the next few weeks, as we prepare for this test.

SECOND GRADERSThere will be no skill sheets or Book Project for the month of March. The requirement for the Reading Log will be changed to 50 minutes per week for the month of March. They will be working on their speech and heritage doll which will keep them plenty busy!!! Speeches will be scheduled on March 23 and March 26-28. These are done at 1:00 PM, and we will do three a day. A schedule will be in the work envelope on Monday, Feb. 27th. If the time I have chosen for you does not work, just let me know and we will reschedule.

HELP – When your child completes work at home, please, please check it before it is returned to school.  I am receiving lots of work that has not been checked. Work that comes from home should be correct. Many Thanks!!!

FCS AUCTION- The FCS auction is underway! This is our largest fundraising event each year. We are excited about setting our goals even higher than last year. The auction is a great way to donate to our school. Your donations will bless the lives of others. Please start thinking about your gift or donation. We are asking each child’s family to contact family, friends, neighbors, and merchants to make a donation to our auction.  Students will be given a ticket for every 10 points they earn in donations.  I am hoping that each family will find that special something to donate to the auction.  I would like to encourage you to support this event by giving or getting donations of services, trips, items, desserts, and/or dinner tickets.  The dinner/silent and live auction will take place Saturday, March 17th,  from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M. in the FCS Gym.

SHOW AND TELL - This week will be Team B

STANDARDS ADDRESSED THIS WEEK: Reading 1.1  - 1.2 – 1.3 – 1.4 – 1.8 – 1.9 – 1.11 –  1.14 – 1.16 –  2.1 – 2.2 – 2.3 – 2.4 – 2.5 – 2.6 –  3.1 -Listening and Speaking 1.1 – 1.2 – 1.3 - Writing - 1.1 – 1.2 – 1.3 – 2.2 Written and Oral Language - 1.1 – 1.4 – 1.5 – 1.6 – 1.7 – 1.8 – 2.2  Math-NS 1.1 –  1.4 –  1.5 – 2.1 – 2.2 –  2.4 –   2.5 - Social Science - 1.2 .1 – 1.2.2 – 1.2.3 – 1.2.4 – 1.3 1.5.3

3-2 - Happy 8th Birthday Hayden Trevino

3-3 - Happy 7th Birthday Aren Nakashian

3-6 – Spring Pictures

3-9 - Happy 8th Birthday Brynnor Poplin

3-10 - Happy 7th Birthday Maddie Douty

3-11 - Happy 8th Birthday Audrey Kirkland

3-12-16 - Physical Fitness Testing

3-16 - End of 3rd Quarter

3-17 - FCS Auction –  5PM – 9 PM – FCS Gym

3-21 - Teacher Inservice – School dismissed at 12:00 PM

3-25 - Happy 8th Birthday Joseph Igot

3-30 - Easter Celebration – 1:00 PM – 2:40 PM.

3-31  - 4-9 - Easter Vacation – No School!!!

4-20 - PTF Talent Show – 7-9 PM

4-23 – 4-27 - SAT Testing


Spirit Day is every Friday.  Please wear one of your favorite FCS shirts!

Bible Verse – Feb. 27- March 2

For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.   John 3: 16         29 pts.




First Grade Spelling – Feb 27 – March 2 – Lesson 28














Second Grade Spelling – Feb. 27 – March 2 – Lesson 27