FCS Four Schools

Fresno Christian Schools is education with a higher purpose. As a means of fulfilling our mission we have chosen to organize ourselves into the following four schools:

School of Faith

Our School of Faith is the foundation upon which our other schools are built. Weekly chapel provides students with time for reflection and inspiration. We encourage our students to understand and evaluate their world using the principles of God’s unchanging values. Our teachers model Jesus Christ in the classroom on a daily basis, creating a climate of collaboration and reflection. They motivate students to develop and practice a sense of purpose.

School of Academics

Fresno Christian learners, practiced in problem solving from kindergarten through high school, are creative and innovative. Our children are taught to use evaluative strategies, ideas, and abstractions to interpret knowledge. With 98% of graduating seniors attending college, Fresno Christian equips students to be effective communicators who are and will become dynamic leaders in the world.

School of Athletics

Being active and growing in stature builds confidence and a healthier student body. Fresno Christian students have an open door to athletic activities, ranging from CIF sports to youth teams. Our comprehensive physical education curriculum provides daily opportunities for students to exercise and improve their physical health.

School of Arts

Fresno Christian School of the Arts classes offer a unique format of study, adding variety and value to the academic curriculum. Our program includes vocational and industrial arts such as Video Production, Home Economics, and Woodworking, providing practical skills for the real world.