During the summer of 2016, the FCS Athletic Booster Club determined that a new athletic training room should be their No. 1 priority and began working alongside the FCS athletic department, sports medicine specialists, and local families to implement their vision.

“We are thrilled to unveil the construction of the Fresno Christian athletic training room,” Rufi V Alday, PT ATC, sports medicine specialist, said. “We are so blessed to engage our Fresno Christian community in offering their time, prayers, and resources in developing this contemporary facility for our athletes.”

Under the leadership of FCS Superintendent Jeremy Brown and Steve Villines, FCS director of special projects and athletic booster club board member, the prospect of constructing a dedicated athletic training room for the prevention and treatment of sports related injuries of student athletes was deemed an important and tangible project and approved to move forward. With vision and support of the FCS Athletic Booster Club, the project is in motion and under construction.

“We heard from different coaches that the athletes needed an updated training room,” FCS Athletic Booster Club President Dave Bynum, said. “We want to help get our athletic training program up to the latest standards.” The boosters believe a serious athletic program takes the health and well-being of athletes seriously and needs to provide a facility for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries.

Community sports medicine specialists and parents such as Kevin Brogan, physical therapist, MPT, CFMT, ATC, and co-owner of Cornerstone Physical Therapy, agree with the boosters, school and athletic department, and have donated their valuable time and resources. They collectively share the dream and passion to construct a contemporary facility.

The FCS Booster Club initiated and proceeded with their plan by repurposing a 340 square-foot storage room in the FCS gym.

The overall cost of constructing and outfitting a training room of this size is estimated at approximately $25-30,000; however, it is expected to be completed for less than half that cost due to generous donations and “gifts in kind” from several tradesmen from our school community.

The plumbing, electrical services, new air-conditioning/heating system, installation of the ice-maker, plus two state-of-the-art athletic training tables, were all donated to the FCS Athletic Booster Club by FCS families and community members.

“The Booster Club has invested about $5,000 in cash raised through sponsorships and cash donations and expects to spend another $5,000 to complete the project,” Villines said.

We are excited to complete our first booster’s capitol project and are looking to add to our ranks. And now that this room is built, I believe it can help attract other kids and athletes into our school. Plus, our community can see we are serious about supporting Fresno Christian athletics. — Dave Bynum, FCS Athletic Boosters president

Bynum remains optimistic other training room components will be added in the months to come.

“We want to continue this momentum and do our part to enhance the facilities at Fresno Christian,” Bynum continued. “Our final major piece to the training room is to acquire a whirlpool bath for the athletes and we are looking for someone to help us accomplish that.”

Athletic director and boys’ basketball coach Jon Penberthy views the upgraded facility as a positive step towards improving our athletic program.

“The athletic department is very excited about the training room,” Penberthy said. “This is one more piece to the puzzle needed to continue building on the success of our athletic department and facilities.”

Villines said they are looking for partners who would be interested in helping complete this project. The following items are still needed:

1. Design, create and install new cabinetry for the room
2. Acquire a whirlpool bath
3. Purchase an ultrasound unit and other therapy equipment

“We are excited to complete our first booster’s capitol project and are looking to add to our ranks,” Bynum said. “And now that this room is built, I believe it can help attract other kids and athletes into our school. Plus, our community can see we are serious about supporting Fresno Christian athletics.”

According to Alday, the team assembled to create the new athletic training facility will ensure first-rate care for the students.

“We envision a contemporary, modern medical facility which will employ our Christian values and offer our athletes personalized medical care by sports medicine specialists,” Alday said. “Fresno Christian is the ONLY high school in the Central Valley which employs a team of dual licensed physical therapists/certified athletic trainers on field for our championship varsity football team.”

Penberthy is excited to offer a full service facility to athletes in all Eagle sports.

“Over the past three years, our athletic teams have won multiple Valley championships, and league titles,” Penberthy said. “And now with this addition, we can take better care of our athletes.

“We are very thankful to Kevin Brogan and Rufi Alday for their time and commitment to the health and well-being of our student athletes, and generous donations to the athletic department via the FCS boosters,” Penberthy continued. “I also want to thank Steve Villines and his vision with this project.”

The boosters, medical staff and school expect construction to be finalized by fall 2017 and thank the FC community in advance for their future support and donations towards the Fresno Christian sports training facility.

“We not only want to finish the room, but also would love to have other community members join the athletic boosters for this and other important projects,” Bynum said.

For more information or if you would like to help support the completion of the athletic training room, reach out to Steve Villines via 559.916.5182 or email him at svillines@fresnochristian.com.

If you would like to donate towards the athletic training room, visit Fresno Christian Athletic Boosters. Be sure to enter your donation amount in the “Athletic Boosters” field.